Celebrating 75,000 Spotify Streams: Our Journey

Greetings to fellow music lovers! We’re elated to mark a major milestone in our musical journey. As an independent rock band, with zero PR Budget, we released our first song in December 2022, and are now thrilled to announce that Forge Hounds, has surpassed 75,000 streams on Spotify.

From the outset, our goal was to create music that we would like to listen to, and hopefully might connect with others. Every note, lyric, and late-night session was a step toward that. Challenges were plentiful, but our dedication to Forge Hounds never wavered. The music industry’s dynamic nature meant both euphoric moments and tough lessons, but our passion kept us going.

Music’s magic lies in its ability to evoke emotions and bridge gaps. Watching Forge Hounds touch listeners of diverse backgrounds in over 79 Countries, has been incredible. Each stream isn’t just a number; it’s proof that our melodies found homes in people’s hearts.

Heartfelt thanks to every listener who hit ‘play’, shared our music, and reached out with their stories. Your support fuels our journey. Looking ahead, this milestone reminds us that dreams are worth chasing, and thanks to you we will keep crafting, sharing, and connecting through music.

To fellow independent artists, remember: your voice and music matters. Challenges and triumphs shape your unique journey. Here’s to Forge Hounds, to music’s power, and to the countless adventures ahead.

Thank you for your amazing support and listen to us on Spotify here …….. Forge Hounds on Spotify



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