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"Sun Kissed Sky"
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Release date: July 21st, 2023

Get ready to be swept away by the irresistible energy and uplifting vibes of “Sun Kissed Sky.”

This rock anthem captures the essence of summer vacations and wanderlust, delivering an upbeat tempo that will have you dancing and singing along. With extensive radio play and a captivating video release, this song is set to become the ultimate summer anthem.

Let the sun-kissed melodies transport you to new horizons as you embark on a musical journey that celebrates the freedom of exploration, and let it ignite your passion for life.

"Forge Hounds. It does what it says on the tin- no nonsense, hard rocking good times !!!!"
Barry Devlin

About Us

"Classic Rock with a Ton of Roll"

"Forge Hounds are exactly what Waterford, Ireland and beyond, need right now. They bring a familiar, yet new sound from the classic rock genre to the stages and venues (not to mention record stores) of Ireland. In 'No Quarter', Led Zeppelin said 'The dogs of doom are howling more...', ...........just wait until you hear these Forge Hounds howl !!!!"
Martin K
Open Tempo 105.1 FM
"Deep resonating riffs, inventive bass lines and a strong classic rock vocal all wrapped up in a neat, compact package…"
Forge Hounds
Stan Kelly
Accidental Music Reviewer

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