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"Forge Hounds. It does what it says on the tin- no nonsense, hard rocking good times !!!!"
Forge Hounds
Barry Devlin

“Classic Rock With A Ton of Roll”

Get ready to be blown away by the unstoppable force that is Forge Hounds, a thrilling hard rock project straight out of Waterford, Ireland. These guys live and breathe music, pouring their hearts and souls into every note they play. Inspired by the classic raw power of bands like ZZ Top, Bad Company, Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, and Hanoi Rocks, Forge Hounds deliver a no-nonsense mature sound that hits you right in the gut.

The band is made up of Paul J Bolger (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Mick Wall (Vocals / Lead Guitar), Steve Roche (Bass), and Andy Kavanagh (Drums) – a group of seasoned musicians and songwriters.

“Deep resonating riffs, inventive bass lines and a strong classic rock vocal all wrapped up in a neat, compact package…”
Stan Kelly – Accidental Music Reviewer

Their debut single “Damned If You Don’t” was unleashed on December 2nd, 2022. The song has been embraced by the international rock community, receiving glowing reviews and airplay across the globe. From Ireland to the USA, Canada to Australia, and the UK to New Zealand, the song has struck a chord with fans and critics alike.

“Damned If You Don’t” , achieved top positions on the Independent Music Charts in several countries, reaching Number 1 on the Underground Music Charts Top 200 in the USA. The follow up singles “Not The One” and “Redcoat” also continued this charting trend, attaining positive reviews and airplay globally.

“Forge Hounds. It does what it says on the tin – no nonsense, hard rocking good times!!!”
Barry Devlin, HORSLIPS

The passion of Forge Hounds knows no boundaries, as their music is now being enjoyed in a staggering 78 countries worldwide. Their unwavering dedication and relatability shine through in every song they create, connecting with listeners on a profound level.

Their fourth single “Sun Kissed Sky” was released late July,  with an album due to follow in early 2024.

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