Forge Hounds Feature in “Waterford Music Week”

Make sure to Tune into WLR FM this week for Waterford Music Week, featuring a great selection of super Musicians and Bands from the local area….

Waterford Music Week will run from Monday August 7th – until Friday August 11th during which time WLR will play a huge selection of Waterford Artist across all shows from Breakfast to Bed. Including the aforementioned Forge Hounds you will hear music from some upcoming singers and bands like Carrie Baxter, The Extranauts, 2Time Charlie, Pat Lagoon, RayaMae, Backroad Smokers Club, and Cal Pachino to name just a few.

Along with airplay the acts will feature heavily on WLR FM’s social media channels and hopefully from this they will reach new listeners, get followers, and hopefully get some lov€ on their Bandcamp page and any other digital download sites they use.


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