Forge Hounds cross 40,000+ Streams on Spotify

In December 2022, we released our first song “Damned If You Don’t”, not knowing how it would be received by the music community. We were delighted with the initial response, and the great encouragement we received from fellow artists and music lovers alike…. Since then, we released  “Not The One”, and “Redcoat” with similar thoughts, and yet again we were encouraged by the support we received by the musical community.

Needless to say, we were totally amazed to see that this week, we crossed the 40,000 Streams mark on Spotify.

Thank you for all your amazing support …. You Know Who You Are !!!!!!!!!!!! … and We Sure Do Too !!!!

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  • A band of serious musicians who are creating a unique sound that’s
    Not only loved by all who listen but is also getting amazing traction worldwide. Insanely proud of you guys 🤘🏻

  • Easy to see why, talented artists, original content. Great music and delighted to see it being received so well

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