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“Redcoat” the third release from “Forge Hounds” is now available to Pre-Save on Spotify

“Redcoat” is a hard rock reworking of a bluesy song written and recorded by Paul J Bolger in the mid-1990’s on “The Moss House” album under the name BOLGER. It was a fun return to old territory as Steve Roche also played bass on the original. The song has been a favourite of the Forge Hounds team for a long time. So much so in fact the band decided to give it their own unique treatment.


This new arrangement expands on the original with Mick Wall’s lead guitar taking over from the harmonica driven riffs of Mick Kinsella from the original. With Andy Kavanagh adding a stomping beat the new “Redcoat” also received a fresh middle eight with the slightly funky spoken word breakdown. All this leads to a big climax with the heroes of the song putting down their oppressors by whatever means they can. 


“Redcoat” is a song about the oppressed trying to repel their oppressor. It might feature a certain struggle that took place in Ireland in the 1700’s but it could also be set in North America, India, Africa, New Zealand, Australia way back when – anywhere covetous or power-hungry invaders seek to eliminate another people and place for their own benefit. Replace the Redcoat with any would-be conqueror or Imperialist horde up to no good in the past or the present and you get the idea…

It was recorded and engineered by Brendan Carthy of Orchard Studios, Enniscorthy, Mixed and Mastered by Frankie McClay, of Einstein Studios, Antrim, with the supporting video shot at Electric Avenue in Waterford by Colin Shanahan, of Digicol Photography and Media Productions.


Release date: May 19, 202




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