“Sun Kissed Sky”


“Sun Kissed Sky” is a punchy hard rock song that is not afraid to shine its veneer with hints of pop and catchy choruses. Think Cheap Trick meets The Undertones, with a soaring guitar solo that lifts you up and carries you away to sunnier climes. This energetic Hard Pop Rock gem captures the essence of carefree summer vacations and the exhilaration of exploring new horizons.

From the driving guitars to the soaring vocals, this song ignites a fire within, ensuring that “Sun Kissed Sky” will leave you craving adventure. It celebrates the escape from everyday routines, where a group of guys cheekily bids farewell to their boss and the daily grind, embracing the beckoning sunshine and whisking their loved ones away to distant paradises.

Let the sun-kissed melodies transport you to new horizons as you embark on a musical journey that celebrates the freedom of exploration, and let it ignite your passion for life.

“Sun Kissed Sky” was recorded and engineered by Brendan Carthy at Orchard Studios, Enniscorthy and mixed and mastered by Frankie McClay at Einstein Studios, Antrim. The supporting video was shot in Mooncoin, by Damien Wall, with PillarStone Productions handling the Post Production duties.

Copyright: Forge Hounds, Ireland, 2022