“Redcoat” – A Dynamic Hard Rock Anthem of Resistance

“Redcoat” is a hard rock reworking of a bluesy classic, penned by the talented Forge Hounds frontman, Paul J Bolger, with Forge Hounds’ Bass man, Steve Roche also performing on the original, and is destined to captivate audiences with its powerful message and energetic sound.

“Redcoat” is an anthem of the oppressed, a rallying cry against covetous invaders and power-hungry conquerors throughout history. It transcends time and geography, inviting listeners to reflect on the struggles faced by different cultures and peoples across the globe. This dynamic track is not only a homage to the original composition but an evolution, injecting it with the raw energy and passion of hard rock.

The reimagined version of “Redcoat” embraces a hard rock sound while maintaining the bluesy essence that made the original so compelling. Mick Wall’s electrifying lead guitar replaces the harmonica-driven riffs, infusing the song with fiery intensity. Supported by Andy Kavanagh’s stomping beat , the band’s tight musicianship, and unleashing a fresh middle eight with a touch of funky spoken word, the arrangement builds momentum and anticipation, culminating in a climactic finale that symbolizes the triumph of the oppressed over their oppressors.

The song’s theme resonates with audiences who appreciate music with a strong sense of identity, historical significance, and a call to action. Its versatility allows for interpretations across various subgenres of rock, attracting fans of classic rock, blues rock, and hard rock.

Recorded and engineered by the talented Brendan Carthy, mixed and mastered by the renowned Frankie McClay, and accompanied by a visually captivating video shot at Electric Avenue. Animation in the video was done by PillarStone Productions with the project being directed by “our very own Paul J Bolger” making Redcoat  a masterpiece in every sense. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary fusion of rock and rebellion.


Stream or purchase “Redcoat” now and let the empowering energy flow through you. Join the movement and stand against oppression. Together, we’ll rock the world and rewrite history!

Copyright: Forge Hounds, Ireland, 2022