Not The One (Promo)


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Preorder: January 20, 2023
Release date: February 10, 2023

Musically Not The One is a short snappy sharp riff driven tune which shows Forge Hounds can also write the perfect pop rock single. Think Cheap Trick meets ZZ Top with a hint of Ramones and you’re getting close. If Damned If You Don’t was their debut musical statement Not The One sees the band move things in a tighter radio friendly direction.

Not The One is a slight disagreement set to song. Two guys claim neither of them upset a particular woman dear to both of them. She might have been their lover, mother, sister – whoever.  Now she is gone and the boys are left to make their case for which of them caused her the most upset – without either of them accepting responsibility. Either way she is gone and they are left shouting to the wind about who didn’t do what.

It was recorded and engineered by Brendan Carthy of Orchard Studios, Enniscorthy, Mixed and Mastered by Frankie McClay, of Einstein Studios, Antrim, with the supporting video shot at Electric Avenue in Waterford by Colin Shanahan, of Digicol Photography and Media Productions.

Copyright: Forge Hounds, Ireland, 2022